Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 'Better Together' Pie (kinda TWD)...!

Yes, I know, my blog has been neglected. It's been a ridiculously busy few weeks. Between 2 colds, mounds of cupcakes, and all sorts of obligations... I just could not seem to dig myself out of it long enough to post some of the tons of pictures I have been taking lately.

I missed the Kugelwhatever TWD and also didn't do the rice pudding because I didn't have any arborio rice and honestly, I had made so many cupcakes that weekend, the thought of the kitchen was extremely unappealing.

I had grand plans for this week's TWD Twofer Pie, but then hearing about how it mixed pecan pie and pumpkin together, I really didn't think it was that appealing. I love love pumpkin pie. And love love pecan. But the two? I'm a weirdo purist.

And frankly, the work that it takes to put a pie together in my busy schedule, it had to be something I knew I'd LOVE or else I'd just be bitter. So I procrastinated. And got sick again. And then baked more cupcakes. And then a turkey. And then wimped out and bought a pie at the store.

But I didn't open it. I kept thinking...geez I can make pumpkin pie. Why don't I just get a ready-made crust and do it. But I recuperated on the couch instead, watching soaps and making turkey soup. Then my eye lit on HowToEatACupcake, Miss Cassie's blog where she made a delicious looking cheesecake layered pumpkin pie with pecan streusel.

And it made me think of TWD. And then I saw where Miss Engineer Baker said...don't bother with a cold pie crust, make this Hot Water one. So I clicked, saw that everyone loved it. No pastry cutting cold butter into the flour? SIGN ME UP.

I couldn't find my shortening in the newly reorganized pantry, so I used butter. It was SO EASY. I put the dough in the freezer for 20 min then rolled it between wax. It rolled like a dream. It went into the pie pan like a dream. It partially baked like a dream. I love this crust. And I really HATE making pie crust, with a passion, esp the ones in Dorie's book, which I just cannot seem to get.

I wish that my combining the cheesecake and pumpkin layers were more like a dream, but instead my cream cheese mixture was too thin, and so the putting of the pumpkin filling on top was more like mixing it in, so I just made the best of it and swirled it in and around, figured pumpkin cheesecake with an emphasis on the pumpkin couldn't be bad. Like I told my hub, if they are good separately they are probably better together right??

It baked like a dream. It's cooling on the counter like a dream. It looks delish. My turkey soup is done. Now I have to go finish my mashed potatoes for the bigger family dinner...and take some more Echinacea and Zinc for this cold. And it's back to baking cupcakes tomorrow. But it's been's kinda a TWD but I didn't quite get to the pecan streusel part, sure sounded good though. So in this instance the 'better together' is not the pecan and punkie but rather cheesecake and pumpkin. Still in the spirit of combining...HA!

XOXO to all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Hopefully next week I will be out of cupcake and cold land and firmly back into TWD. Oh and I have lots of cupcake pictures, which I will post soon.


Cristine said...

YUM! I bet it tasted fantastic!

AmyRuth said...

Hey....hope you get back on your feet soon. Sorry about those darn colds. Boo Hoo
Like you ideas on pumpkin cheese pie. Yippee hope you enjoyed.

Ivy said...

Sorry you have been sick. I hate that. :(

I love how the top of your cheesecake turned out-gorgeous!

It reminds me of rum raisin and pumpkin ice cream cake I made a long time ago. It was so good. You mix pumpkin and vanilla ice cream and them swirl that with rum raisin ice cream, pour into a cold ginger-snap crust and freeze overnight. Delish-if you ever want to try. :)


*.*MENGNI*.* said...

i wish i could have a bite of it! *munches*. Nice blog:)

27Susans said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. It is hard to keep up with all the baking at this time of the year.

TeaLady said...

Swirly pumpkin cheesecake pie. What could be better than that. Perfect!!