Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hand Mixer Happiness Anniversary

Oh beautiful large Kitchen Aid stand mixer. The day has come. A new contender has entered the household. Don't won't usurp whisk egg whites with far more speed and exuberance than my arm or this new upstart ever could...and for making huge batches of anything, you rule the world.

But you're a pain to clean and you are getting loud and cranky in your old age...making the hub unhappy while he watches his SpeedTV with your whirring in the bcakground. This new young'un will help us both out, so embrace the new hand mixer and relish in the rest your achy old bones will get from time to time.

New hand mixer for our 4 year anniversary...some might think it's funny to get a kitchen appliance for an anniversary but you can't get diamonds every year (can you??)...and this is something I actually needed.

What did I get him?? Well, we had this awesome coffee machine that has served us well for the last 5 was $20 at a local store and we bought it in a pinch when our old one exploded. So we figured it was time for a new one...! Old faithful has served us well. So a nice little matte black Cuisinart came home with us (as well as a few baking items).

Shopping together at Bed, Bath and Beyond for your anniversary gifts together on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Priceless.


Janna said...

You're so funny!
I am SHOCKED you didn't get diamonds, but I think I know why.
YOu have diamonds for your ears, your toes, your neck, your fingers...there's no where else for them to go.

Kelli said...

my husband just bought me an oven for camping, but before purchasing it ran it past me because he was scared to buy an appliance. hehe. so funny.