Saturday, April 19, 2008

Early Bird Gets the Cupcake Class.

On Thursday evening, an email missive went out to Sur La Table's email list.

Which I am not on. But luckily, friends, knowing of my love for the cupcake, saw 'Cupcake Decorating Class' and fwd'd it onto me.

So I got it Friday morning. And was agog to see it was a decorating class with the author of Hello, Cupcake at our local Sur La Table. You know, the book where you get to make all sorts of cute kid-friendly 3D cupcakes that I talked about previously here. Super intensive and probably way more time than I ever want to spend on something that I will just cram into my mouth....esp making multiples for others who will know, cram, mouth.

However, I wanted to take the class, how fun would that be. $90 for one night, yes it's pricey but I love the idea of sitting with other cupcake wannabe's and making a Westie for the night. Esp since I have a Westie. It'll be a belated bday gift for her, with carob of course. When I left home for work there were 12 spots left. When I got to work there were FIVE. Greedy cupcakers!

So I signed up immediately. A few hours later it was waitlisted. I have my confirmation, I'm so jazzed. May 20 here I come. I still wanna see how 'easy' it'll be to make realistic looking lions and westies and grass with a little ziploc and some frosting, no tips allowed.


CB said...

Definitely take pics! Looking forward to reading your blog update about it. :)

Mara said...

Thanks CB...I will def blog about it...I am very excited. :) Too bad the class filled up so fast none of my pals could join but I don't mind cupcaking solo!!

Janna said...

Ooo! I am jealous too! I asked D if I could take the Wilton series at Michaels and I am pretty sure I have the go ahead. :)

Janna said...

when do you get back?

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

JEALOUS! Hahaha have fun :)