Friday, April 18, 2008

The Cupcakes that Launched...

a thousand other cupcakes.

I was trolling through the photos today on my hard drive for my sister's birthday photos from Feb and came across these.

Ahhh memories. I had been EATING cupcakes for a long time and sometimes baking them for us...baking is a loosely used term since up until this point I had only ever made boxed mixes with ready-made frosting, I admit a secret soft little place in my heart for yellow cake mix with milk chocolate frosting, it'll always be my childhood Mom always made them for her kids in class for holidays and we'd get some too.

So on this random nite in Feb...I had a cupcake craving...but no cupcakes or treats in sight. So I rummaged in the pantry, pulled out a boxed yellow cake mix and 'adapted' it. My first time being creative with cake mix and I don't know what inspired me. I added melted bittersweet dark chocolate and chocolate chips into the mix and baked.

This is what came out.

And then I frosted with milk chocolate and topped with coconut.

Not bad for a first timer eh? After that, an obsession was born. I still think about those boxed original cupcakes...but I don't think I can ever return!!!


Janna said...

You know I'm a sucker for some coconut. Can you ship one to me in Texas?

Gigi said...

They look really good! I love the contrast between the dark chocolate and coconut.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

My obsession was born out of boxed mix cuppies too! Red velvet with store bought cream cheese frosting. I remember while I was putting the batter into the cups I was thinking "Wow I really love doing this!"

That was exactly 1 year ago today! :)