Saturday, March 29, 2008

Plan B...Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

I knew I was going to bake on Thursday night, but what ... I wasn't quite sure. Came home armed with multiple red velvet recipes but when I got home I realized I only had about 1/2 the amount of red food coloring that the recipes called for. Seriously, is that much red food coloring healthy ???

So onto Plan B. Well there really wasn't a Plan B but I quickly created one. One of my best friends is coming to visit next week and she loves Snickerdoodles. So I had been scouring the internet for a good cupcake recipe. I found one and set about trying it.

It was a rousing success even though I accidentally omitted some of the flour. Oopsie. Amazingly enough they still turned out fab. But when I make them again next week for her visit, I'll be sure to do them the 'right way'.

Snickderdoodle Cupcakes recipe from 'I Heart Cuppycakes'.

Slight adaptations...I omitted the AP flour accidentally and also used less baking powder...1 tblsp seemed like a lot. Next time I will add back in the flour but in the form of cake flour rather than AP to keep a finer crumb, and add a bit more baking powder to get a little more rise.

Baked in these super cute gold and white swirl cups I found locally--they browned at the edges though...had to cover it with frosting.

Frosting preparation!! Used a cream cheese frosting recipe and added a ton of cinnamon...pretty basic. I love my cinnamon so I put in probably about 2 tblsps. The results were 'spicy'.

Pretty in pink and blue!

Closeup. No I didn't make these cutie flowers, I bought them from my local cake place, but I did try my hand at making them this wkd...more to come on that.

I also had leftover blue cream cheese frosting from Easter so I mixed that up with some cinnamon and got this really cool bluish green color to the frosting. Sprinkled with vanilla sugar.

And my lone mini cuppie. I made 3 of these just for samplers (I prefer mini sizes)...they came out so cute with their nut and party cup liners.


Janna said...

Where is the special on making flowers? I want to see.
Show me oh cupcake master!

Mara said...

HAH I posted about my foibles on making drop flowers ...see my latest. But I got those little cuties at the local cake place where I am taking my class. They are like 10 cents each. Honestly, I am thinking why make them?? HA!

CB said...

So glad you like the recipe! Love all the pictures :)