Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sugar B Bakes from Martha Stewart Cupcakes

One of my favorite bloggers and one of my very good real life friends, Miss Betty, just got the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. To help her committment to baking from the book, she decided to scout around for other crazy blogging bakers like herself, to bake with her in another one of those amazing 'community baking groups' that permeate the web. I belong(ed) to a few myself but I obviously cannot commit to much lately, life is too busy. But cupcakes...I could probably get behind. Especially ones with such amazing images to accompany them.

It's baking from the book, potentially monthly or weekly (MONTHLY ya'll!). Check out her post here and if you are interested, leave her a comment or send her an email. Cupcake away!

PS...I know I have been MIA, but I have been sporadically baking. My latest thing was a s'mores cupcake to beat ALL s'mores cupcakes. I'll post about it next before something distracts me and I wander away from the computer yet again.

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SUGAR B said...

Thanks for the cupcake love SHOUT OUT! xoxo