Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doubletree Cookies Revisited!

A few weeks ago I made the famous Doubletree cookies and posted about them. Then I went on vacation and when I came back, I had all these wonderful comments about people who love the originals or never even knew about them!!

Reading the comments after a week in Mexico made me crave some filled-with-chocolatey-goodness traditional down-home cookies. So I made them again...and managed to remember to snap some photos!

Random note..they are better if you slightly underbake them or take them out 1-2 minutes before you might typically. They are not as good if you even slightly overcook them...WAY better as softer cookies. And use Ghiradelli chips, they make the difference! Previous post with recipe here. ENJOY!!!

Oh, I should also mention that I will finally have a TWD up this week, YAY! I am going to be traveling this week, but I made my TWD and setup my post so you will have some eye-candy on Tues!


Snooky doodle said...

thanks for the recipe. They look delicious. I love cookies :)

Fiona said...

These look FANTASTIC! I have massive cookie cravings at the moment. Note to self, do not look at food porn when unsatisfied/hungry ;)