Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No TWD...Cuppie Cakes & Giant Cupcake

You might be here looking for my TWD...which is an amazing looking Chocolate Torted Layered Ice Cream monstrosity. I think it's called Banded Chocolate Torte and Miss Amy from Food, Family & Fun chose it. Sounds fabulous. It's really just ganache and ice cream layered in a springform. Super easy and yummy.

Hey that's not a banded torte...nope it's a chocolate cream cheese cupcake for a birthday!

But I am sugar detoxing this week...because I have been eating WAY too many sweets and I don't work out 5x a week in order for my jeans to be this tight...so I've cut back sugar about 98% for 5 days. Surprisingly, I am in the middle of day 2 and I feel fine. I tend to eat pretty healthily anyway overall, but my sweet tooth just kills me every time. This week my only 'desserts' are consisting of 0% Fage with 1/2 a Splenda and some frozen berries...and a tiny mint chip ice cream sandwich from TJ's (70 cals and 7g sugar..doable!).

Mmmm red velvet 'gourmet' with chocolate straws...for a birthday !

So I've been remiss in posting because for the last 2-3 weeks I have been insanely busy with work, life..and cupcakes of course. I also finally did my first 'specialty' cake for a friend, for her daughter's 4th birthday.

I made one of those giant cupcake that we have all seen the pans for in stores. It was my first one and while it came out 90% like what I imagined in my head...the frosting (vanilla bean buttercream) was too heavy for it up top and it started slowly sliding down during the trip to deliver the cake and cupcakes. YIKES.

I was distraught about it, but I did a little repair on-site, the gal and her kids loved it and the feedback was that everyone RAVED about the big cupcake, and that multiple people asked for my info and that the kids all asked for 2nds on the cupcakes. So...while I am not jazzed on how the cake came out in the end, I guess it was okay. Those pictures are before it started sliding...of course I did not take any after. HA!

I also made cupcakes for the party with matching fondant shapes. As you can see, the cupcakes came out SO super cute...I loved them. Why can't everyone just want cupcakes? So much better in my opinion.

I am doing her son's 1st birthday party cake and cupcakes this weekend as well as another 2 sets of cupcakes for different people. We also have a wedding this wkd, whew...can you say busy??

Anyway you've made it this far, here are more cupcakes from recent projects!!

Vanilla Malt ball for a Bridal Shower

Closer up...with cute fondant flowers.

Army Men cupcakes for a special 10 year olds birthday! These were such a hit.

And a little teaser on what I am working on for this wkd's birthday project...these are so cute in person.

So no TWD...I hope this has been enough eye candy for you this week though...but definitely go here to check out the other TWD banded tortes, and I hope to be back on board participating next week. I do want to make the torte at some point just not sure when!



Love them all! Save me a strawberry one for next time sweetie! xoxo! :D

steph- whisk/spoon said...

wow--you are drumming up a ton of orders! these all look gorgeous!!

Lisa said...

beautiful!! i am new to your blog and just love your creations. thanks for sharing! can you tell me what tip you use for the cuppies? also, did you buy the william sonoma pan for the big one or the one at michaels? thanks again!

CB said...

Beautiful cuppys! Love all the fondant decor. Gives them a special touch. Great job!

Gigi said...

OMG it all too cute! I can't wait to see the cupcakes that get the fondant at the bottom of the post!

bakerchick103 said...

Oh Wow!! They look gorgeous! I made cuppys for my daugter's 5th bday,and it was so much easier than doing a whole cake. Cuppys rule!

Janna said...

These all turned out darling!
I'm sorry to hear about the icing avalanche, but it sounds like you were able to fix it.
I can't wait to see the farm animal cupcakes! The army one were too cute!

Snooky doodle said...

wow you ve been really busy. All the cupcakes and giant cupcakes look so nice and irresistible. you make them all so perfect. Good job .

Andrea said...

Ohhhh how adorable! Thank you so much for sharing, you are so talented with the cuppies and I just love the bottom picture, I bet those will look amazing for the birthday party! Make sure you post them when they are all completed.

Barbara said...

So many cute cupcakes, wow! I'm impressed. Glad your business is going well! And good save on the slippy icing.

The DeL Sisters said...

They are all so pretty and cute!

Natalie... said...

Wow all so good!!
I love the giant cupcake hehehe!

Nickki said...

Wow they are all amazing! Gorgeous cupcakes and I love the giant one!

Megan said...

Please please please tell me how you made those cute little animal faces. They are just perfect!!

Mara said...

Thanks for all the love, everyone!! The project with the animal faces turned out quite cute...I will hopefully post photos soon.

Megan..the animal faces are fondant! I looked online for some templates of how pigs and cows look and tried my hand at it. They were not perfect, but they WERE cute!