Friday, August 8, 2008

Cupcakes. Coming Out of My... Oven.

My oven has been ridiculously busy lately. I don't know what it is but the last 2 weeks have been absolutely filled with CUPCAKES. I mean I know I love cupcakes, and I feature a lot of them on here anyway, but wow...this is a whole new level.

Vanilla PB with Fondant Hearts

All in a Row...or Rows?

I have had a lot of orders & events, which is fun, but stressful too...because I am anal with a capital A when it comes to these goodies, so baking for experimental purposes or to feed a craving (chocolate?!) is one thing but when I am creating something for a special event...I get way detailed.

Malted Chocolate Vanilla

Vanilla PB For a Shower

Decorated w/Choco Sunflower Seeds. It's a BOY!

Last weekend we also celebrated my better half's 40th birthday. His real birthday is tomorrow, August 8. I made red velvet & vanilla peanut butter cuppies(his fave) for the party...where we rented out a private room in a fun New Orleans bar/lounge place and had a rousing good time with 25 of our closest pals. Lots of incriminating photos too many shots later, but I will spare you all and post a cute one below.

Red Velvet w/Sugar Hearts

His Fave..Vanilla PB w/Malted Choco Buttercream

Non Food Photo Alert: The Birthday Boy & Lovely Wife (HA!)

I did some shower cuppies last nite. Tonite, I did 5 dozen minis for a birthday tomorrow. Saturday I have 2 dozen...oh and a 1 year birthday AND a wedding to attend. Next Wed and Saturday I have a few dozen as well.

Experimental Malt Ball Cupcakes

And then the last 2 weeks of the month, I have a sweet lady who wants me to do her kids' bday parties...but she doesn't just want cupcakes. She wants cakes too. CAKES? I'm a cupcaker! But how do I say no? Better hone those caking skills. Anyone wanna come help? I pay in CAKE.

Lots and Lots of... Stacked... Cuppies.


Janna said...

WOWzers! Do you have time for anything else when you are baking cupcakes all the time? Is Greg "over" it? ;)

I baked all night last night. A friend's son's birthday cake. Turned out pretty cute. I will post soon. I used the Paula Dean Dreamy Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe again. SO DARN GOOD!

I hope Greg's birthday was good! Happy Birthday to Greg!


CB said...

Dang girl! I love cupcakes but dang... thats alot of cupcakes!

heathymarguerity said...

Mara, the cupcakes look amazing as always! Where can I find a fat round tip to pipe with? Such an inspiration!

Sophie said...

Your little hearts are so delicate and almost flower-petal looking, very sweet :). I have to say, though, all your cupcakes are gorgeous! Your frosting looks so fluffy! :)

Snooky doodle said...

Wow all these cupcakes look great. You ve been really busy lately. It would be my pleasure to help you baking but alas we live too far far away :-) sorry. I like your blog. Interesting posts.Happy birthday to the birthday boy :-)

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I totally understand that "too many shots" thing. Hahaha we had Jello shooters at my party. Let's just say I REALL like peach Jello! :) :) haha

Where do you get those plastic containers?

bakerchick103 said...

Wow! You go girl! I made 70 cuppys last week for my little girl's bday, and I thought that was a lot. I thought wrong!