Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun with Wordle.

Thanks to CB at IHeartCuppycakes and Cassie at HTEAC...I discovered Wordle.

It takes your blog and pulls the most frequently used text then displays it in a fun pattern for you. You can play with layout and colors. The larger the word the more frequently it's used.

I assume it must only take the first page of data, because I know I don't use the word PIE that much across the whole blog, but yes on the first page...given all the summery TWD's lately, fruit, pie, cobbler seem to be quite prominent! And you think maybe I like chocolate? Not sure..HA! And should I maybe really stop saying really so much? Really???

Will be fun to do this again in a month and see how it changes. Check it out and make your own at Wordle.


CB said...

You like chocolate? NO WAY! haha. I won't tell you how long I played around with my wordle. Its not wasting time if you're having fun right? LOL

Amelia said...

How cool! I'm going to play with it now, thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Just tried this- its fantastic

Prudy said...

I need one.

Ivy said...

I did this and posted it on my blog.I couldn't get it to a bigger size though. How did you do that? Thanks for introducing this new toy-it's so cool!!!

Mara said...

Thanks everyone, isnt it fun??

CB...chocolate...smockolate? I love it.

Ivy...I did a print screen then pasted it into a photo editor and saved it as a JPG then uploaded it. I couldn't figure out a quick way to get it on other than that.

Now I have more wordle's to visit!

Judy said...

Wordle looks really cool! BTW, I've tagged you! Have a great weekend.

Gigi said...

I saw this over at Cassie's as well. It was seeing what words came up.