Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mangled Mango Muffin Bites

Seems like most times us bloggers tend to want to make our stuff look super pretty, attractive, with photo staging, usage of photo lights, the sunlight, berry props, whatever. I am guilty of it myself....I flat out love pretty photos.

But then there's the reality as well. Last nite I decided to try my hand at muffins. New Texas size muffin pan and the desire to make mango muffins healthy-style for a friend who is watching her diet a little more...figured they'd be tasty. Well they WERE tasty..but since I used an entirely from-scratch recipe and was they came out all sorts of wrong.

I used way too much moist and not enough dry and forgot that mango, while being a fabulously luscious fruit, also has a lot of moisture in it. And sugar really.

Deceptively beautiful batter

I thought, oh there's no way I am posting these creepy little defective things. But then I thought, why not?! It's fun to see the fab and the flops. Literally flops in this instance...the muffins caved into themselves with little dented centers. Certainly not cute, and actually not even able to be called Muffins.

I figured well, not pretty but lets just keep at it. After baking them for what felt like forever, they were still grossly moist inside. Never one to toss if I can save...I tore them into bits and pieces, put them on a cookie sheet and baked for another 10 minutes.

Hence, crispy muffin bites were born. They were quite tasty actually and way less committment than a big Texas muffin. The better half took a ziploc with him to work and I snacked on a handful for breakfast.

So because the taste was there, I just had to refine. I sent off my defective recipe to a friend who has culinary training and asked her to FIX IT for 'Muffins' vs 'Crispy Bites'. As I expected, too little dry and a bit too much baking powder for the dry I used. So we'll try again.

But for now, we are enjoying mangled Mango Crispy Muffin Bites. They were good even if they look a little crazy.


Aardvark Cakes said...

Hello fellow non-lurker! I knew that comment would get people going! I can't keep my mouth shut! Love the look of these muffins! Hx

Mo said...

too bad the friend you made them for didn't get to try your special treat. I bet that same friend can't wait for your masterpiece!

Stef said...

Good for you for turning a flop into a success! Great idea!