Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lavender Lemon Yogurt Cake.

A beautiful bag of lemons arrived for me today. Picked fresh from my co-worker's Meyer Lemon tree...they smelled up my cube all day long, taunting me. I love lemons and I especially heart Meyer Lemons. But it's been hard to find them around here lately, so when my co-worker said I could have some of hers, I jumped at the chance.

All day long I thought about what I would make with these sunshine gifts. I've got a long list of lemon goodies that I want to try. But top at the list was the Lemon Yogurt Cake that Steph over at A Whisk and a Spoon posted about recently.

The recipe was very easy...right up my alley for a Thursday evening bake. Happily, I used my new Zester from Sur La Table, wow...totally worth the $12.

I just used one bowl and lazily sifted the flour and baking powder right into my measuring cup....mixed the wet all together (including oil) and then folded the dry in. Poured into a regular loaf pan...though I was tempted to play around with little heart shaped baking tins I have...and popped into the oven.

It baked up nicely, a positive after my muffin fiasco of last nite. It even got that cutey pound cake split in the middle, and I wasn't even trying. Perk. I really love this cake. I modified the recipe slightly, adding lavender extract to the batter. I needed more, the lavender was very elusive...but if you looked for it, you could find it. I also used less sugar than the recipe called for because I think that most lemon goodies bake up so sweet. Glazed with a simple lemon juice confectioners sugar glaze while the loaf was still warm so it would soak was so tasty with the glaze all lemony. Steph pairs it with a yummy looking marmalade, but I imagine this would also be amazing with just a bit of honey, or some lemon curd, or wild blueberry jam.

This is a bright, beautiful cake and tastes even better. What a wonderful way to start working my way through my precious bag of Meyers. Find the recipe on Steph's site here.


Miranda said...

Oh Mara. I love Meyer Lemons and this looks so delicious.

steph- whisk/spoon said...

mmmm....your version sounds delicious!!

Stef said...

This sounds fantastic. For some reason, I have yet to bake with yogurt. I need to get on that!