Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots O' Minis...

We went to an unofficial Yelp event on Wednesday, for burgers at one of our fave places. Since some of my friends Yelp, it's been fun getting to know other people involved.

I always get the cutest compliments on my cupcake avatars and people always say they want to taste my cupcakes so I thought it'd be fun to make some for the people coming to the event. Only about 25 people so I figured minis was the way to go. And I wanted to keep it simple yet fun.

I did a Billy's Vanilla Vanilla with some modifications (added buttermilk)...and 2/3'd the recipe so unfortunately I can't really mentally replicate it, but it came out perfect. I wasn't sure how many I'd get but I got something like 65 out of the 2/3 recipe. Minis go such a long way.

I also got one random crazy puffy monster mini -- which we dubbed the taste cupcake.

Then I made 4 types of frosting. A basic SMBC to start, mixed in Peanut Butter for one, and Cocoa Powder for another. Left the third frosting as plain vanilla but added more vanilla. Then I made a Strawberry Cream Cheese frosting as the 4th.

I also got way more creative with decorating this time with little toppers and matching liner cups (since my collection is outta control now). The cuppies were a HUGE hit...!!! Devoured.

We even played around a little with chocolate transfers, thanks to How To Eat a Cupcake for me happenstance finding her blog post about it and thinking WOW that sounds easy. And it was. Once I got the hang of writing with it.

I actually didn't make this cutie Yelp friend did. But I made little hearts to put on the vanilla. Yummy.

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