Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Royal Icing and Drop Flowers.

So I'm taking this cake decorating class. And part of it is learning how to make things like drop flowers, stars, garlands, borders, etc.

I decided to pre-empt the actual teachings and try to teach myself drop flowers over the weekend. I made some Royal Icing and got to coloring and creating parchment triangle bags outfitted with tips. Thanks to my Wilton decorating tip book, I knew it would be 'easy as a twist of the wrist'...and my flowers would look just like the picture.

Not so much. But I wasn't half bad. I made some cute flowers, they just looked nothing like the pre-bought ones I got at the cake store last week and used on my Snickerdoodle cuppies below.

Oh well, practice makes perfect right?? Soon I'll be droppin' and twistin' like the pros.


Hearts and Crafts said...

They look very cute! I have been thinking about taking a decorating class too. I have all of the tips to make the flowers, leaves, and other things, just no idea how to get them quite right! Your results were much better than mine!

Mara said...

Thanks!! I had some I bought to try to compare so I know mine are 'rustic' at best..but I'm learning.

A good book for figuring out what the tips do is the Wilton Decorating Tips book. I got it at this cake decorating store..if you have one locally or even a Michaels might have it. It was about $10 and it shows what EVERY Wilton tip does. Super helpful visual!

Mara said...
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Janna said...

Cute! I am very impressed!
When did you start taking the class?
Tell me more.

CupcakeLady said...

That's ok. Practice makes perfect!